woensdag 24 april 2019

What if we have all won the lottery?

I often hear, if I have this or that, then I am happy. Within that, I make my happiness a fact dependent on external things. As a human being, I came to earth and received one of the greatest gifts of nature, my body. I never learn to be very grateful for it, I maintain it in very poor condition and provide it with malnutrition all the time.

On the other hand, the body is so beautiful that it is impossible to buy or pay for it. Nature, the universe...... or whatever energy is behind it, ensures that everyone can freely dispose of it. Often I hear that good health is the most important thing, very often wished on special occasions and it sounds as if I can't do anything for that. What if I could do that?

If I had instead received a Formula 1 car, I would have to study, learn about it and buy some expensive maintenance to keep it running in the longer term. How do I think it will behave if I would throw in cheap nutrients? Why is this something, that I don't do for that precious body, I got for free?

Steven you know, I don't know what is good for my body?

Really? Ok, let's do a little quiz!

What do you think is best for the body:
  • Water or soft drinks?
  • Fresh air or cigarette air?
  • Fresh outside air or warm inside air?
  • Raw vegetables or fried vegetables?
  • Fruit or cookies?
  • Abundance of meat or limited amount of meat? (maybe no meat at all...)
  • Whole foods or processed foods?
  • ...

Am I sure I don't know the correct answer?

I find it very strange, that I know very well intuitively how high-tech stuff works and have no idea how I can best keep my own body running? I take it for granted from what I hear on how keep my own body running. When I finally know, why don't I apply them? Am I naturally masochistic? Do I love suffering? Or is it because I have no idea about the value of my body, because I got it for free?

Praise the body every day, provide it with the maintenance and energy you know is best for it!

We have all won the lottery with that magical body, I'm not sure if there's a second chance to win......

Here are some concrete steps to change: https://rawfoodveganlifechangingexperience.blogspot.com/2018/03/concrete-steps-to-change-life.html

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dinsdag 16 april 2019

Within a few years everybody will eat plant based without knowing it!

The first things I would say as a Belgian citizen are: things are going well and don't change.

Really, Steven, it's good?

Today, in 2019, children who should be our future, are still starving on this planet and I say that we shouldn't change, that it's good?

This is a joke, right?

Let's assume that these people have access to clean air and clean water (which still many people on this planet do not have access to) and make a plan to feed them.

What is food?

If we leave out our foreign processed foods, we probably end up with fruit, vegetables and meat.

Fruit and vegetables only need air, sun, soil and water.

I know it can be quite a challenge to create it, now with our current knowledge of growing plants, it should be pretty easy to provide everyone on this planet with fruits and vegetables.

However, when it comes to meat, it is much more challenging.


For animals, what does for example a cow eat to provide me with the hamburger? Right, (fruit) majority vegetables.

That means that we don't eat the fruit and vegetables ourselves, and feed the cow with it to get the meat I think I need.

2/3 of all agricultural land worldwide is cultivated to feed animals.

I need at least 8 calories to feed to the animals, to get 1 animal calorie back.

That means that if I would use these fruits and vegetables on 2/3 of all agricultural land worldwide and feed them to the people, I would be able to feed at least 8 times more people with calories.

We are now with 7 billion, which means that we can go up to 56 billion, the future looks good, I would say.

Of course we're not that smart, we really want to insist on eating meat above every moral aspect.

Today we are with 7 billion and of course a large part of them has no access to meat, in the near future we are 10 billion, how are we going to feed them?

If we can make alternative meat from fruit and vegetables, then fewer calories need to be made, then that seems to me to be the only solution for the long term future.

That is why I am convinced that sooner or later we will all be eating plant based.

Why do we still eat meat, are we afraid that we will have a shortage and because we love its taste?

If we can offer the same, with the same taste and without cruelty to animals, who wouldn't buy it?

Since we're talking about calories, imagine that you're out in nature, just with:
  • A friend
  • A chicken
  • A cow
  • Some plants
  • Some fruit trees
And now you are starving to death.

What would your first instinct be to eat to survive?

And do you eat that thing raw and kill it yourself?

Since there is an abundance of all that in our modern world, make sure this is the choice you make today!

A small video on the subject:

If you want to know more about this topic, The Good Food Institute is also an excellent resource for the topic: https://www.gfi.org/

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woensdag 10 april 2019

Best salad ever - kale receipt!

For those who have read this blog, know that I can really enjoy a salad. I am a big fan of greens. When I was looking for vegetables that were suitable for me for the sport, usually get energy and of course good recovery, in the U.S., kale seemed very popular for that. I regularly had the opportunity to taste it in the U.S..

Here in Europe it was hard to find in the beginning (a few years ago). In Dutch it is 'boerenkool' and in French it is 'chou frisé'. While searching for it in the organic shops, I started to find them more and more. Everything about the law of attraction, I think.

I really like its strong taste and started to experience with it, in green juices, to make kale chips… and to eat them as a salad, it took me some time to find a receipt that suits me.

Here I share my top receipt, for a raw kale salad.

Try it, it's very easy!

First of all I have to buy my organic kale, mostly in local organic shops, I buy mine in Beauvechain at the local organic farmer = http://www.lepotagerdelise.be.

Often there are still some small animals such as aphids on it. I used to think that, the kale is no longer good because there are aphids on them. Actually I find out in nature that the opposite is true. If there is nothing on it, be careful, maybe there are some pesticides on it. Most of the instinct of animals, works much better than the instinct of humans, and they know what is good for them and what is not good for them. So on a vegetable full of pesticides, they won't go, on a vegetable full of energy, they will not hesitate to sit on it.

Cleaning kale takes a little time, now it's not complicated at all. Take 1 kale branch, remove the leaves you are going to eat and don't use the stem. The stem is very hard, has a very strong taste and I don't like it in the salad. So I don't use them in it and keep them for a juice (together with apples, ginger and cucumber for example). These stems can be kept for a few days in the fridge.

Put all the kale leaves in the sink, cover with cold water so that all the leaves are covered, add a little vinegar in the water and stir. Leave the kale in the water for a few minutes and stir regularly.

After 5-10 minutes, remove the leaves one by one (I always do a small visual inspection) and put them in a salad spinner to make them as dry as possible.

When they are dry, I put them in an air-free storage container. This container can be kept in the fridge for a few days (I don't do more than 3-4 days).

The day I want to eat my kale salad. I take the part I want out of the container, cut an avocado (or more if the part is larger, can be done on my own taste experience) and put it on top of the kale part. I add some pepper and then start massaging the kale, avocados and pepper together.

For the amount of avocados and pepper, I have really experienced and found my own preferences.

As it is, I let the salad rest a bit, +-5 minutes minimum and then it's ready to eat.

On top of the kale/avocado salad, I often have some other vegetables, typical vegetable sprouts, cucumber, olives, onion, parsley, mushrooms, peppers, chickpeas, lentilles, quinoa....

Bon appetit!

If at some point you find a beautiful kale receipt that works for you, please share it with me, I'd love to hear about it!

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