dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

Discovery of tantra

On my wedding day I received a wonderful book of the kamasutra. I read it very attentive and it would be the reference for me related to Eastern relationships and intimacy. It had from one side a feeling of unachievable and nevertheless extremely attractive. When I would at some point hear about tantra, I would unconsciously link it to that eastern way of living and assuming it to be something similar.

When I changed my food habits, my relationship with intimacy changed completely and my way of experiencing general improvements of 4 senses; feel, see, hear and smell made me review my way of looking to this Eastern tradition. When searching more information about it, I found everything and nothing.

Since my food changing experience made me very open to new experiences, at some point, out of the information I found, Inge and Erik from Rising Heart looked like attracting me in order to further explore this. They propose regularly like exploration evenings, which I thought would be a good way to give it a try and which it definitely was!

It really made me connect with myself in a way, I never experienced before. I discovered simple things, that had such a big impact, that I could not imagine that possible for me. Things that I ignored so hard in my regular life.

One of the very strong experiences, is the staring each other in the eyes for a certain given time.

It provided me such a profound and open connection, something I had rarely experienced before.

Also blindfolded walking around in a room and getting in contact with other humans was an amazing experience. It sets me in front of all my prejudgments and clearly required a let go attitude in order to fully experience and enjoy.

I fell in love with it after that evening and wanted to further experience this. The next formulas proposed by Rising Heart, didn’t really fit in (or I was not willing to make them fit in) my schedule. Basically, because I’m the only one interested in it, my soul mate is not and so, I let tantra a bit on the sideline. It continued to get my attention, now I trusted in it, that I would see more of it, when I would have to see more of it.

Then one day, via Aaah of Julie Du Chemin, I saw a reference to tantra via Didier de Buisseret. When looking for more information around that, I also found AÏON Bruxelles, which turned out to be not so far away for me and really provide me a feeling of loveliness, openness, kindness, playfulness… it looked like everything felt right.

I saw they had a Modulo 1 in order to learn about tantra massage spread over a weekend. It felt like the perfect fit, which it definitely was. During this module 1, I went in such a deep, profound connection with myself, that is so beautiful and that I unfortunately ignored till than in my life. I discovered on these 2 days, so much about myself, met so many lovely people, that if I would have to describe my paradise, that would be it, if not very close!

When they then would propose a modulo 2, I would do everything I could to assist, which I did. I would again learn so much more and had everything I needed to be able to explore with tantra massage myself after these 2 modules. I loved it!

At the end of our journey, some students suggested to stay in contact in order to further progress, practice and exchange. I was still overwhelmed by everything that happened that weekend, that I ignored that signal. I have to say that after a few weeks when all sink in, had to try things a little out, I completely understand why that suggestion was made and felt a bit disappointed about not having reacted to it. Although I managed to apply a lot of things to my personal evolution and in my daily life, everything I learned in terms of tantra massage, would come to a dead end unfortunately for now.

Now, after this experience so far, my view of myself, the world, love, meditation, compassion, unconditional love… changed completely in a very positive way and I’m very grateful for that.

I found that during this contact with tantra so far, a lot of gifts are provided, with a lot of love to each person on their own journey at their own pace. Gifts to open when it's the right time, and let's say they'll open to you, when they have to open up for you.

'Everything you need will come at the perfect time'.

Thank you so much Inge, Erik, Mariane and Michael to do what you do and I look forward to next meetups filled with discoveries!

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